10 Quick Facts About the Founder & Creator of Travel With Trang

Dumpling Making Class in Xian, China
Dumpling Making Class in Xian, China


  1. I’m Trang, a transplant now living in LA. Due to the Asian genes, most people think I look a lot younger than I am.
  2. I’ve worked plenty of random odd end jobs growing up including: garden nursery, Starbucks, event planner at school, dry cleaners, spice/seasoning shop, froyo (frozen yogurt) store, and the supermarket.
  3. I attended VCU Virginia Commonwealth University. Some people know my school because we were the underdogs and made it to Final Four in basketball once (Go Rams!). I majored in business because like most teenagers, I didn’t know what to do with my life and figured it would make a decent generic degree. I also minored in dance, just for fun and also because I enjoyed it.
  4. I grew up in a very Asian (Vietnamese) household that didn’t travel much, only to visit family. My parents were your stereotypical Asian strict-ish parents.
  5. I’m originally from Northern VA, which is different from the rest of VA. It’s a metropolitan area, 20 minutes from Washington DC. I move to California a few years ago because A) I have family there and B) I’m getting tired of cold weather (I think it’s sign of me getting old). Also, it’s proof that you could be fine career-wise after having an employment gap on your resume.
  6. You usually won’t find me at the movie theaters. I usually watch movies once they come out on Redbox or Netflix (thanks to a friend who lets me bum off their account)!
  7. I feel like a mom – I love discounts, coupons, sales, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods!
  8. I started this blog so I could share my knowledge to help people travel and experience the amazing-ness that I did. (Also, instead of repeating the info 20x to my friends, I can tell them to just go here).
  9. My ideal night is boardgames with lots of food and drinks at a friend’s place (or my place).
  10. I’ve been to 40 countries. Maybe 41 if you include layovers. Pretty much Europe, Australia, & Asia. I didn’t do Africa, South America, or Antarctica yet because I didn’t have the money. But one day I hope to do so!

For more on how I got started with traveling, please see my About Me page.





4 thoughts on “10 Quick Facts About the Founder & Creator of Travel With Trang”

  • I love board games! Have you heard of ‘Codenames’? My little brother brought that home and we played. It was soooo fun and really a game that bends the mind, you should try it out.

  • Ah yes! That game I struggle a LOT in, haha. I love the party board games category (ie. Cranium, Taboo, Pictionary)! I also have had a lot of fun with Speak Out but a lot of my friends don’t want to play it/put a mouth piece in.

  • Hahaha “I feel like a mom – I love discounts, coupons, sales, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods!” 👌 Same here (except different stores obviously since I’m in Australia) — it makes saving for travel soo much easier hey.

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